Galaxy Learn

Our Vision

What will learning look like in the year 3001?

Everything will be...


Need to figure out which chemical compounds bind with which? Get into the shrinking machine and manipulate and investigate DNA molecules with your own hands.


Interested in the life cycle of the polar bear? Transform yourself so that you can BE the polar bear, making tough decisions to survive in a melting world.

Integrated and Interdisciplinary

The game = the test = the report = the analysis. Galaxy Learn's interactions are built on the embedded assessment model -- learners demonstrate their learning by engaging in the interaction.

Our Technology

A web-based learning environment for ages 5-14.

Individualized reports and evaluations of learners' activities, progress and achievements.

Enriching simulations, games, labs, interactions, project workshops.

A global community of contributors ensures quality and continual improvement of learning modules.

Learner project galleries relate to specific learning points in modules. Interdisciplinary approach highlighted with multiple pathways.

Galaxy Learn's team of educators, game designers, curriculum experts and technologists come together from Stanford University, SRI, Apple Computers, Institute for the Future, Dreamworks, Leapfrog, Linden Lab, and others.